“霾“god吓死宝宝了 4招清走雾霾肌
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Oh! H

Oh! Haze God, haze and comeback, accompanied by the haze muscle, I believe many people are like Xiaobian, this time the heart is extremely crumble!!! If you want to "strengthen yourself and not breathe", it's just a myth. How should we care for our skin in this haze and fog?
Point1: unprotection is equal to self disfigurement
"In fact, the best way to prevent haze is not to go out". Are you kidding me? How can you not go out!!!
Tips1: long trousers and masks
在外出的时候除了穿上长衣长裤外,还应该戴口罩,这样不但能防止粉尘颗粒进入到呼吸道,还能起到防止肌肤的水分流失,皮肤敏感的人应该选择纯棉材质口罩, (ps:别偷懒!记住要定期清洗、更换口罩哦~)
In addition to wearing long pants, wearing a mask in addition to wearing a mask, so not only to prevent dust particles into the respiratory tract, but also to prevent the loss of moisture in the skin, the skin sensitive people should choose pure cotton mask, (PS: do not lazy! Remember to clean and replace the mask regularly.
Tips2: coated with thick isolation cream
Of course, it is not enough to rely solely on respirators. Many areas such as the skin and forehead of the eye are not covered. So, fog and haze out of the day, it must be timely and comprehensive smear of isolation cream, thick smear every corner of the skin, so that the face skin is heavily wrapped up, in order to effectively isolate the harmful substances in the air invasion of the skin. And when you rest at noon, you should wash away the insulation and apply it again!
Point2: unclean haze will corrode the skin
The dust and air pollution particles in the haze are alkaline acidic substances and slightly acidic protective films on sebum, which are prone to corrosion. So it is necessary to clean the skin thoroughly!
Tips1: wash your hands first, wash your hands first
Hand cleaning is especially important in haze days. Before washing your face, it's important to wash your hands. Even RMB has bacteria, not to mention doorknobs, keys and so on, and there are also pollutants in the air. In order to avoid bringing the germ to your face, you must thoroughly clean your hands before you wash your face.
Tips2: wash the face and wash the face with cold water
You must pay special attention to the way to wash your haze. Otherwise, it might have been only on the surface of the skin, but it has been washed into the skin. Wash your face with warm water, the pores will be opened slowly, gently knead the cleansing milk and bubble, massage with your fingers on the cheeks, and some subtle corners should be carefully cleaned. One hand gently press the nose, and open to one side, with the other hand to knead the small parts of the nose wing, and finally rinse with cold water. After cleaning, you can choose to use mask for two times.
Tips3: decontamination with cleaning oil on a regular basis
Because the haze particles are usually colloid, it is recommended to clean the face every two days and use the principle of oil and colloid to dissolve. And in the T area, especially the sags of the nose wing and the eyebrows and the nose beam, as well as the vulnerable parts of the eyebrows and the hairline, are more likely to be aggravated to reduce the residue.
Tips4: the cleanliness of the hair is also important
Many people will neglect the cleaning of hair. They do not know that hair is the most exposed part of the air. In particular, fog and haze days, return home must carefully clean the scalp hair and body skin, many people like to bathe and shampoo in the morning, but this way is not suitable for fog and haze environment, so that the pollutants will be easier to adsorb on the surface, as far as possible in the evening to clean, shampoo and bathing products to choose clean and strong.
Point3: repair the haze of sebum membrane by water supplement
一定要做好补水,只有做好补水肌肤表面的皮脂膜,才能高效率的地抵抗雾霾对肌肤的伤害!保湿方便,编辑以前也分享了很多,有需要的可以点击这里 【更多保湿内容,在这】今天,小编就值分享一个“三层补水法”
We must make good replenishment. Only by doing well the sebum film on the surface of the skin can we effectively resist the harm of haze to the skin. The moisturizer is convenient, the editor has also shared a lot of it, and there is a need to click here [more moisture content, in this], today, the little editor will share a "three layer water supplement".
First floor: make-up water + essential oil = perfect skin absorption
Make-up water is too thin, can not satisfy the hunger and thirst of the skin? It is suggested that one or two drops of essential oil be dripped into the make-up water to make the texture rich. If it is oily skin, massage with make-up water wet cotton pad and then gently wipe it again, to achieve thorough cleaning.
Second layers: essence oil + face cream = increase skin moistening
Pour the essential oil into the cream and mix it with the cream. This will make the skin moist and deep, and make the skin feel velvety soft touch.
The third level: apply a layer of cream lightly = establish a skin protection barrier.
Take appropriate cream, lightly coat the whole face, and protect the skin with the covering of the cream, so that the three layer replenishment method is completed.

Warm reminder: fog and haze days do not outdoor water makeup remover
When going out, do not make up water and remove makeup, because the air is floating a lot of pollutants, and at this time the skin has attached a lot of dirty things, not suitable for water, moisturizing spray do not use it! Similarly, when dressing up outside, dirty air will clog pores and increase burdens on the skin.