薏仁煮水敷脸有美白效果吗 薏仁煮水敷脸有什么好处
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Besides the effect of removing moisture,

Besides the effect of removing moisture, there is also the effect of whitening. Does the job have a whitening effect? What are the benefits of laying the water on the job's job? Now let's learn about the effect of boiling water of the seed of Coix seed.
Can the boiled water make a face
Of course you can pull it!
Often use the water of Coix seed to put on the face to have the function of moisturizing and whitening. Before dressing, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the dirt on the face, so that the effect is better. Dry skin is suitable for COI flour and honey, and oily skin is suitable for masks and milk. Rinse with clean water after 20 minutes. It can shrink skin and help to nourish skin and moisturize skin. Besides whitening skin, it also has bactericidal effect.
DIY barley skin water
薏米美肤水简单易做,每天晚上洁面后敷20分钟,第二天脸色会很好,坚持使用一个月后你会发现皮肤明显变 白皙 ,毛孔细致了许多。
A simple and easy to do, 20 minutes after cleaning the face every night, second days face will be very good, adhere to the use of a month after you will find that the skin is obviously white, a lot of pores meticulous.
材料:薏米、 牛奶 (以脱脂奶为佳)、蜂蜜、白开水(矿泉水更佳)、纸面膜(超市、网店均有销售)。
Materials: coix seed, milk (preferably with skim milk), honey, boiled water (mineral water is better), paper mask (supermarkets, online stores all have sales).
Practice: 1. Wash 100 grams of job's tears and put them into the pot, add 4 times of blisters for 3 hours.
2. Boil the job's water and boil it for 10 minutes.
3. Pour the boiled coix seed water into the bottle and fill the container tightly in the fridge.
Usage: After cleansing in the evening, mix proper amount of water, milk and a spoonful of honey together and mix evenly. Soak the mask paper for 20 minutes.
The effect and function of the job of barley
Coix seed, also known as coix seed, coix seed and coix seed, is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine and a common and frequently eaten food.
The main components of job's tears are protein, vitamin B1 and B2.
1, beneficial to water swelling, spleen and dampness, relieve tendons in addition to Bi, clearing away heat and purulent pus, and so on, are commonly used to promote dampness and dampness.
2. For hair: it has nourishing hair, prevents hair loss, and makes hair soft and smooth.
3. For skin: smooth skin, reduce wrinkles and eliminate pigment spots. It has a significant effect on facial acne and skin roughness. In addition, it has the ability to absorb ultraviolet light, and its extraction can also achieve the effect of sunscreen and UV protection.
4, in addition, the job is a kind of barley, boiled soft or cooked, more conducive to the absorption of intestines and stomach, the body often feel tired and weak people, can eat more. It is rich in proteolytic enzymes, which can soften the skin and make skin warts, rough and unsmooth.
Barley is one of the oldest food in our country. It has been recognized as one of the best food. It is considered as a famous Chinese medicine. It is widely used in diet and is listed as one of the palace meals. It has high nutritional value, including protein, fat and carbohydrates. The protein is far more than rice and high in surface. The 8 essential amino acids are complete and the ratio is close to the needs of the human body. Fat is rich in linoleic acid, and contains B vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other inorganic salts are also very impressive. Moreover, it also has the characteristics of easy digestion and absorption, which is beneficial to reduce gastrointestinal burden and enhance physical fitness. In addition, coix seed also contains high medicinal value of Coix, beta gamma two kinds of sterol, these special ingredients, that is, the secret of cancer prevention.

It is also a kind of beauty food, which can keep the skin glossy and smooth, eliminate the acne, sparrow, old age spots, pregnancy spots, butterfly spots, and have good effect on desquamation, acne, chapped, rough skin and so on. Regular consumption of Coix seed food has effects on chronic enteritis, dyspepsia and other diseases. Normal healthy people often eat coix seed food, which can dampen wetness and diuresis, and make the body light and fast. It can also reduce the risk of cancer.